• OSG - our sex game - Spoločenské hry (1)
OSG - our sex game - Spoločenské hry (1)

OSG - our sex game

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Anything but a Bored Game! OSG: Our Sex Game is a game of access all areas, encouraging stimulating conversation, erotic exploration and experimentation that will leave nothing untouched - literally! On a board that seductively spells out S E X, pleasure intensifies from Sensual to Erotic to X-rated as lovers eagerly advance from one stage to the next. With each level of steamy passion, couples discover what they will be doing, where they will be doing it and how from the square they land on and the dice they roll.

The board is also loaded with OSG squares where players pick a card describing kinky scenarios and actions they must indulge in together. In a game of giving and receiving, everyone’s a winner, but the official winner also gets to play out their ultimate sexual fantasy! The many random outcomes ensure lovers will enjoy a different experience each time they play. Whatever your journey from start to finish – it’s sure to be filled with thrills and spills and laughter and rapture, with all roads leading to an explosive climax!

Contents: Game Board, 24 Seductive Cards, 24 Erotic cards, 24 X-rated Cards, 4 game Dice, 2 Play Pieces, Rules of Play.

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